What do you get when you choose Kapetanović mobile camping house?
The first thing that will penetrate the lobby of your soul and fill it all the way up is the island Murter itself.
Murter days, Murter bays, Murter ways.
Swimming, diving, crickets and sunny rays.
Let the beach become your seat and let the waves hit your feet.
What comes later when the sun goes down will make your heart miss a beat and it will remain tattooed forever in your memory.
It’s the starry night spent in a camp. Nothing is as loud as its silence; nothing is as bright as its stars. They don’t say camps are hotels with five billion stars for no reason. And there is one more thing they say: those who fall in love with the stars will never fear the night again.
And it all begins with a simple choice – choose Kapetanović mobile house in the camp Jezera for your next vacation.
Welcome :-).

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